The Fertility Foundation of Texas is a nonprofit tax-exempt organization with a twofold mission: (1) to raise funds and award ONE TIME grants to qualifying uninsured Infertility patients in Central Texas, and  (2) to create public awareness that Infertility is a treatable medical condition and that the community as a whole benefits when these patients have access to medical care.

Grants will be awarded twice a year (December/July), as funds permit and all payments will be made directly to the medical provider(s) on behalf of grant recipients.

No grant dollars can be used to pay for physician services.


The Fertility Foundation of Texas is an all volunteer effort that is growing every day. We invite you to join our team and work with us to make a difference in the lives of Central Texas infertility patients.

Carol Silverberg, President
Suzanne Schlesinger, Secretary
Heather Seitz-Tankersley
Lily Saad


Ashley Brueckner, Banker
Melanie Collins, MD, Ob/Gyn

Amanda Jester, Attorney
Tara Joyner, Counselor, MA, LPC

Sonny Mistry, MD, Urologist