Grant Process

The Fertility Foundation of Texas Grant Process

First and foremost, we are here to help you in your journey to parenthood. We understand how hard this time is and the impact it can have on you and your partner, both emotionally and financially.

Applications are submitted for review by the Fertility Foundation of Texas board and advisory board twice a year.

Applications MUST be received by the deadline (May 31 for spring grants and November 30 for winter grants) with complete information. Unfortunately, due to the number of applications we receive, we are unable to consider any incomplete applications or applications received after the cutoff dates.

Once all applications have been received, the board members review all of the information and select the finalists based on availability of funds, applicant’s financials and unique situation.

It is important that you fully complete the grant application and supply all necessary supporting documentation (included in your grant application checklist) as well as a signed treating physician form.

Your personal statement simply lets us get to know a little bit about you, your background, and your infertility story.

Finalists are then selected for an in-person interview with members of the board. Interviews last approximately 30 minutes. For your interview, you will want to be prepared with the specific financial requirements for your treatment, your plan for how to cover additional costs (NOTE: grant funds may not be used to pay physician fees).

It is important that our grant recipients have the funds available to cover costs outside of what the grant may cover.

Once you have been selected (within 1-2 weeks following the interview), we will run a credit/background check as the final step in the process and your grant will be ready for funding.

If we are unable to award you a grant with your initial application, we encourage you to reapply. To reapply, you simply need to update your information with new financials and any changes to your diagnosis/treatment plan.

While we do not have the funds to award all applicants, as much as we wish we did, we do try to work with all applicants to provide information (ex. places to look for discounts on things like medication), education (trainings and guides on things like crowdfunding or looking into insurance options for self employed), etc.

Grant Requirements

NOTE: The Fertility Foundation of Texas does not offer grants for oocyte (egg) or sperm cryopreservation, where the grant recipient has no immediate plans to attempt conception.  This is due to a number of factors, including our limited funds and continued changes in technology and techniques surrounding retrieval and cryopreservation.  We may reconsider this decision in the future and will update this website accordingly in the event of a change.

Qualifying applicants must:

  1. Be Central Texas residents; Central Texas spans from San Antonio to Waco, north south, and from Mason county to Brazos county, east west;
  2. To Demonstrate financial need based on a total household income below $150,000/year;
  3. Be uninsured for fertility treatment OR has exhausted infertility coverage;
  4. Be evaluated by, and under the care of, a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist who has diagnosed their cause of infertility and has prescribed a treatment plan; AND,
  5. Receive treatments at a SART member clinic (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies is an affiliated society to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine);

Applicants with primary infertility (having no other living children), under the age of 40 (due to the significant statistical decrease in ovarian reserve), and no previous IVF cycles will be given priority.


Applications are reviewed and selected by the Foundation’s Board, in consultation with our Advisory Board twice a year (December; June).   Applicants are asked to provide the following:

  1. GRANTAPPLICATION  (FFOTXGrant Application v2.1) with all supporting documentation
  2. SIGNED TREATING PHYSICIAN FORM (FFOTXTreating Physician Form v2.1)
  3. A one page PERSONAL STATEMENT about your infertility history

ALL APPLICATIONS SHOULD BE COMPLETED WITH SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION AND SENT via United States Postal Service NO LATER THAN [November 30th for Winter Grant Award; May 31st for Summer Grant Award] TO THE ADDRESS BELOW. We do not currently accept electronically filed applications.   ALL APPLICANTS WILL BE NOTIFIED IN WRITING via email whether they are awarded grant funds.

 **Grant dollars can be applied toward embryology services, medications, laboratory services and hospital or facility fees. No grant dollars can be applied toward physician services.