FFoTX Grant

We are now accepting applications for our SUMMER 2019 cycle. The deadline for this next cycle is May 31, 2019.

About the Grant

Fertility Foundation of Texas will award grants up to $10,000 (as funds permit) to Central Texas (Waco to San Antonio) residents that can be used toward fertility treatment through any SART clinic in the United States. Payments will be made directly to the provider on behalf of the patient, prior to treatment.**

NOTE: We are unable to pay for any services, medications, or any other related expenses retroactively.

NOTE: The Fertility Foundation of Texas does not offer grants for oocyte (egg) or sperm cryopreservation, where the grant recipient has no immediate plans to attempt conception.  This is due to a number of factors, including our limited funds and continued changes in technology and techniques surrounding retrieval and cryopreservation.  We may reconsider this decision in the future and will update this website accordingly in the event of a change.

Requirements for the Grant

Qualifying applicants must:

1. Be Central Texas resident; Central Texas spans from San Antonio to Waco, north south, and from Mason county to Brazos county, east west. For more info see here

2. Demonstrate financial need based on a total household income below $100,000/year;
be uninsured for fertility treatment OR have exhausted infertility coverage;

3. Be evaluated by, and under the care of, a Board Certified Reproductive Endocrinologist who has diagnosed their cause of infertility and have prescribed a treatment plan; AND,

4. Receive treatments at a SART member clinic (Society for Assisted Reproductive Technologies is an affiliated society to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine)

NOTE: Applicants with primary infertility (having no other living children) and under the age of 40 (due to the significant statistical decrease in ovarian reserve) will be given priority.

The Fertility Foundation of Texas Grant Process

Applications are reviewed and selected by the Foundation’s Board, in consultation with our Advisory Board twice a year (January & July). Grant applicants are asked to provide the following:

1. Grant Application with supporting documentation.
2. Signed Treating Physician Form
3. Personal statement about your infertility history

Click here for more information and to download application forms