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Words can hardly express the gratitude that we feel for Fertility Foundation of Texas.  Connor had a been a dream in our hearts for over 5 years b we can’t imagine our lives without him.  Without the emotional and financial support of FFOTX, our dream of achieving our family would not have been possible and we are forever grateful to them for helping us to bring Connor into the world.  We are proud to be his parents and part of the Fertility Foundation of Texas family.
~ The Sterlings

About the Foundation

The Fertility Foundation of Texas, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit started by Carol Silverberg along with several former infertility patients and others touchedby infertility. The Foundation reaches out to the general community in support of Central Texas infertility patients. The Foundation awards grants to patients who must pay out-of-pocket for prescribed medical care because, in Texas, for the majority of infertility patients, diagnostic costs are covered by insurance, while treatment costs are not covered.

The Foundation’s mission is:
– To educate the public about infertility as a curable medical condition.
– To raise funds and award grant monies to patients to help offset the cost of medical treatment.
– To fund research to discover more affordable infertility treatment options for all patients.

[Please note that none of the grants pay for fertility physician fees. Rather, the funds can only be used to pay for medications, laboratory services, anesthesia services, surgery center fees, etc.]

Since it began in 2013, the Foundation has awarded thousands of dollars to many qualified applicants and is proud to welcome babies born to couples who would have otherwise given up on their care because they could not afford treatment.

Since the Foundation’s inception in 2013, our volunteer effort has given hope to countless couples who struggle with infertility. We receive 30-40 applications each year, yet are only able to fund 2-4 grants annually. The Foundation has awarded over 12 grants up to $10,000 to qualified applicants, and to date, 4 babies have been born thanks to the generosity of our donors.

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One in eight couples of childbearing age suffer from INFERTILITY.

Infertility is a medical condition that impairs one of the body’s most basic functions: to conceive a child. Infertility patients struggle month after month with intense feelings of loss, surrounded by constant reminders that their disease stands between them and the family they so desire. Their hearts ache to embrace the life that waits to be born to them.

Few people realize that infertility treatments are seldom covered by insurance. Many people are unable to afford prescribed care. Patients may deplete their emotional and/or financial reserves before their infertility is overcome.

The cost of infertility treatments vary depending on the underlying cause of infertility. Treatment options range from medications to corrective surgery to in vitro-fertilization.